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Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction is a free platform that helps bring ticket providers and visitors together. YesTicket only acts as an agent on behalf of the ticket provider.

The entire range of offers from the website will hereinafter be called “YesTicket”. In the text below, we refer to people or organizations that offer tickets for events as “ticket providers”. We will call people who buy or reserve tickets, workshop spaces, or vouchers “ticket buyers”. When we talk about tickets, we mean all the services offered by YesTicket, for example; tickets for shows, events, workshops or vouchers.

These Terms and Conditions shall apply together with our Privacy Policy YesTicket requests that you read the Terms and Conditions carefully. YesTicket reserves the right to update the terms of use from time to time. YesTicket will notify you of any changes by email and on the website. You might be required to accept the changes. The previous terms of use apply to all events set up before then.

These Terms and Conditions are written in German and other foreign languages. Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing, the non-German versions of these Terms and Conditions shall serve for information purposes only. In the event of any inconsistency between the versions, only the German version shall prevail.

2. The Contractual Relationship Between Ticket Provider & YesTicket

A ticket provider who registers with YesTicket for the use of the services, agrees to these terms and conditions by registering. YesTicket is not itself the organizer of the offered event. The organizer and thus the issuer of the ticket is listed on every ticket and voucher and is named on the respective YesTicket website. The contractual relationship for visiting the event is only between the ticket provider and the ticket buyer. Additional Terms and Conditions for the organizer or event location may apply. In this case, the ticket provider is obliged to present these to the ticket buyer at the respective event.

YesTicket acts as an agent on behalf of the ticket provider. The YesTicket services include ticket offers, possibly forwarding to a payment provider as part of payment processing and delivery of tickets or vouchers to the ticket buyer, as well as administration pages for bookings for the ticket provider.

3. Use of the YesTicket Service as a Ticket Provider

The ticket provider is obliged to:

  • provide sufficient information and image material to meet the requirements of valid contracts and to provide accurate, correct, and complete information for ticket buyers.
  • keep information and images up to date so that accurate, correct, and complete information is available to ticket buyers at all times and the requirements for valid contracts are met.
  • work with YesTicket to ensure optimal service for ticket buyers, otherwise YesTicket reserves the right to refuse the registration of the ticket provider or to terminate the contractual relationship.

YesTicket may only be used to offer tickets for your own events, i.e. either organize the event yourself or have the express permission of the organizer to offer tickets. By creating an event or voucher, the ticket provider confirms that they are authorized to do so.

Access to YesTicket can be temporarily interrupted for maintenance work, technical errors, or for other reasons that are beyond the influence of the web hosting provider. In such cases, YesTicket will endeavor to rectify the problem immediately, but in no case guarantees complete and uninterrupted availability of its service at all times.

Access for ticket providers may be suspended or terminated if items on this list are not met or for suspected fraud, using YesTicket for illegal activities, and as an order from the authorities. We also do not tolerate events that may violate applicable laws or degrade human dignity (in whatever form). YesTicket reserves the right to exclude ticket providers from the service at any time without clarification.

4. Payment Methods

YesTicket is a market for tickets. YesTicket can be used without payment transactions, by only transmitting the reservation with payment required at the box office of the ticket provider. In the case of an online payment, this is processed directly between the ticket provider, the ticket buyer, and the payment provider. In any case, the contract for the provision of services is directly between the ticket provider and the ticket buyer.

YesTicket does not save any payment information from the ticket provider, but directs the ticket buyer directly to the payment system of the ticket provider. YesTicket does not save any payment information from the ticket buyer. YesTicket stores the transaction ID so that the amount can be reversed if necessary, for example, if the event is cancelled. Such reverse transactions or corrections of payments are in turn entirely taken over by the ticket provider in cooperation with his payment provider.

5. The Contractual Relationship Between Payment Provider & YesTicket

All payments are processed by external payment providers, such as PayPal. Accordingly, the ticket providers are bound to the respective terms of the payment provider. This may include transaction fees.

YesTicket is not related to any payment provider. YesTicket does not receive commissions, other values ​​or benefits. YesTicket is not expressly liable for the processing between a ticket provider, a ticket buyer, and a payment provider. The contractual relationship between these parties applies here.

6. The Contractual Relationship Between Ticket Buyers and YesTicket

The YesTicket service, as an intermediary, has no direct contract with the ticket buyer. The ticket provider is responsible for providing the service. The ticket provider authorizes YesTicket to collect and save the necessary data from the ticket buyer. After processing this data, we will provide the ticket buyer with valid tickets or vouchers.

The contract offer is created by clicking on the 'Pay' button on the event or voucher page at YesTicket. By sending the confirmation by email, the contract between the ticket provider and the ticket buyer is concluded.

For all service requests, such as information on booking, changes, etc. is the sole responsibility of the ticket provider. YesTicket provides options for the buyer to be contacted in the confirmation email.

7. Fees and Prices

YesTicket is currently free to use. YesTicket reserves the right to introduce a fee model at a later date. The price of the ticket includes VAT and fees, which may be charged by a payment provider. The ticket provider is solely responsible for correct tax processing. There are no further costs. Postal shipping is not offered by YesTicket.

8. Right of Withdrawal

YesTicket does not have a right of withdrawal for tickets and vouchers. The contract partner is the ticket provider. When ordering, the ticket buyer is required to accept and pay. Further details must be clarified in individual cases between ticket buyers and ticket providers.

9. Storage of Data

YesTicket stores data on a server in a data center in Germany. A data processing contract (ADV) exists with the provider.

10. How YesTicket Handles the Ticket Provider's Personal Data

YesTicket uses the personal information only as specified in the data protection declaration. Only data that is absolutely necessary for the service is requested. No data will be passed on to third parties without express permission.

11. How YesTicket Deals with the Personal Details of Ticket Buyers

YesTicket uses the personal information only as specified in the data protection declaration and regulated by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We only collect data that is necessary for ticket sales. We only provide data to the ticket provider which the ticket provider needs to fulfill the contract.

For all personal information of ticket buyers that YesTicket processes as part of the service ('customer data'), the ticket provider is the 'data controller' and YesTicket is the 'data processor' within the meaning of the EU GDPR and the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG).

The ticket provider agrees that

  • they comply with the data protection law with regard to their customer data, including data that has been stored with the ticket provider. For this purpose, they prepare a data protection declaration that is linked to YesTicket
  • they are solely responsible for setting up and maintaining the legal basis for processing customer data in accordance with these conditions, including obtaining all necessary consent from ticket buyers
  • they only use the email addresses for the individual event or for absolutely necessary information on the implementation of this event
  • they only use the email addresses that have registered for the newsletter via double opt-in in the manner described, for the newsletter as specified

with regard to the handling of YesTicket with customer data, the following shall apply:

  • YesTicket processes customer data only in accordance with legal regulations. The ticket provider hereby instructs YesTicket to use the customer data for the provision of the service and to process it as described in these conditions. These instructions are complete and final instructions for using customer information. YesTicket is not bound to additional or alternative instructions unless this has been mutually agreed upon in writing.
  • YesTicket will notify the ticket provider if, in YesTicket's opinion, an instruction from the ticket provider violates a data protection law. A statement that violates the data protection law will not be carried out by YesTicket. However, this does not release the ticket provider from any liability in this regard.
  • YesTicket ensures that personnel who deal with customer data are informed about the confidentiality of customer data and are subject to binding confidentiality obligations
  • The ticket provider must take appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect customer data that correspond to the measures YesTicket takes to protect the personal customer dat (as specified in the data protection guideline)
  • YesTicket will immediately notify ticket providers if customer data is lost, destroyed, damaged, falsified, unusable, or otherwise subject to unauthorized or unlawful processing, including unauthorized or unlawful access or disclosure
  • To the extent permitted by law, YesTicket will notify the ticket provider immediately upon receipt of a request from a ticket buyer to access, correct, change, transfer or delete customer data, which corresponds to the data protection rights of this person. The ticket provider is obliged to provide YesTicket with support upon such a request
  • At the end of the service, YesTicket will return or destroy customer data that is in our possession or under our control (at the instruction of the ticket provider), unless the applicable laws require further storage of this customer data. Such deletion can take up to 7 days. After deletion from our live systems, it may take up to 14 days for the data to be deleted from our backups.

The ticket provider acknowledges that YesTicket is dependent on the ticket provider in terms of the scope, right to use and process customer data. As a result, we are not liable for claims by a ticket buyer that result from an act or omission on our part if this act, or omission is due to the instruction or missing response from the ticket provider.

12. Close a YesTicket Account

Ticket providers may cancel their registration with YesTicket at any time. The closure can only be initiated by the person responsible for the account. This must be clearly stated on the YesTicket administration pages by the ticket provider and kept up to date.

13. Copyright and Usage Rights

The intellectual property and services in connection with YesTicket belong to YesTicket. All materials, equipment, documents and other property rights are the exclusive property of YesTicket. YesTicket provides materials for use that can only be used in the form stated without further consent.

The ticket providers are obliged to use only texts and materials for which they have the rights of use. Copyright infringement claims are made directly to the ticket provider. YesTicket reserves the right to publish texts and materials in the event of suspected copyright violations. In this case, we will notify the ticket provider by email.

14. Disclaimer of Liability

Although YesTicket endeavors to ensure that the service is available 24 hours a day, YesTicket does not guarantee the availability of the service and is not liable if the service is unavailable for any reason at a specific time, or for a specific period.

Service access may be suspended temporarily and without notice if the system fails, is serviced, being repaired, or for reasons beyond YesTicket's control.

YesTicket does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the material on the website. YesTicket may make changes to the material on the website at any time, without any notice

YesTicket is not liable for texts, images, and external links that the ticket provider has set up on the YesTicket platform and cannot accept any liability for this content.

The respective providers of the linked websites are responsible for the content and correctness of the information provided. No legal violations were apparent at the time external links were posted. As soon as YesTicket or the ticket provider learn of such a violation, the external link will be removed immediately.

When the YesTicket service is terminated, liability for subsequent costs, such as the switch to other systems, is excluded.

15. Dispute Settlement

Since 02/15/2016, the European Commission has run a platform for online dispute resolution. YesTicket's email address is .


Stand: Braunschweig, 10.8.2019

Mirko Fichtner & Fabian Ahrendts

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