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German speaking improv theatre in the next few weeks

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With our map, you can see the improv events happening in the next few weeks in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. You can directly secure your improv theatre experience by getting a ticket for a performance or a workshop with one of the improv groups on YesTicket:

Locations, roles, scenes and stories are discovered in the moment by the improvisers. There is no script or fixed plot, but audience suggestions often help inspire choices made by the actors. Improv may take the form of fully improvised plays, musicals, or short scenes.

The following improv groups currently offer shows and workshops in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland via YesTicket: Impro Hotel, Die Affirmative, Improglycerin, Die Gorillas, AMS!-Theater, Raketos, Funnylicious Improv Theater, Buhrggeister, Fast Forward Theatre, Foxy Freestyle, Improtheater Schmetterlings, Bühnenpolka, 4gewinnt Improtheater, Ungeniert, IFO - Impro Fest, B7 Improtheater, Improtheater Potsdam, Yes oder Nie!, BIK CITY Impro, Barfuß im Kopf, Thaktil, Improausbildung K.I.S.S., Die Ja Sager*innen und BühnenHelden, Fliegende Funken Festival 2022 - Gateway Impro – Türen in die Welt, Klubbekanntschaften, Toms Musical Show, LIBER, Ligue d'Impro de Berlin, Kanonenfutter, Der Kaktus - Improvisation & Theater, IONen Improtheater Berlin n.e.V, g´scheiterhaufen theater e.V., Bake This English Improv Comedy, Action + Drama, Improtheater Roseway, Improvisationstheater SpielTrieb.

We at YesTicket hope that you have found and booked a suitable event as we are the ticket system for the improv community.

Mirko Fichtner & Fabian Ahrendts

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