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W├╝rzburger Improtheaterfestival e. V.

Blank ÔÇô A story of a place

29.10.2022, 20:00 - 21:00 Uhr | Neunerplatz, W├╝rzburg


An imaginary place comes to life // In English
20 Uhr (Einlass 19:30 Uhr) // Theater am Neunerplatz
Preis: VVK: 10,50 Euro (8,50 Euro erm├Ą├čigt) zzgl. VVK-Geb├╝hr // AK: 13,50 Euro (11,50 Euro erm├Ą├čigt)

A piazza and its residents, an amusement park, an apartment building or an offshore platform ÔÇô
Together with the audience, we create details of an environment that forms inspiration and scenery.
This mini-cosmos is filled with encounters, demands, dreams and grown relationships that unfold bit by bit between the inhabitants. Moment by moment their story gets written as the improvisers fill in the Blank.
Like a raindrop under a microscope, like a galaxy in front of the telescope or just like a place next door viewed through the window: only seemingly omnipresent and all the more unique when it opens up to the amazed.

Directed by Inbal Lori from Israel/Germany and performed by the workshop ensemble.

Please note that this show is performed twice ÔÇô at 8pm and at 10pm. Each lasts approx. 60 minutes and has no break.


Adelgundenweg 2a
97082 W├╝rzburg, Bayern, Deutschland

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Mirko Fichtner & Fabian Ahrendts

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