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W├╝rzburger Improtheaterfestival e. V.

Double Feature: Knitting & All You Can Eat!

29.10.2022, 20:30 - 22:30 Uhr | Theaterhalle am Dom, W├╝rzburg


Two international shows that offer bold physicality, grounding and fast moves // In English
20:30 Uhr (20:00 Uhr) // Theaterhalle am Dom
Preis: VVK: 16,00 Euro (12,00 Euro erm├Ą├čigt) zzgl. VVK-Geb├╝hr // AK: 20,00 Euro (16,00 Euro erm├Ą├čigt)

ItÔÇÖs simple questions that let us dive deeper. What is connection? How can we tell weÔÇÖre in relation to each other or anything? In Knitting connection becomes visible by a climbing rope on stage.
A 70 meters long metaphor and an actual prop, the rope indicates closeness, loops and distance. Sara Šoukal and her colleague weave stories, swing from inspiration to action, tie spot-on knots and hold on to their discoveries. A show exploring physicality, offering bold images, fast switches and a desire to dive deeper.
When was the last time you joined a buffet? Ah, the choices! Appetizers, specials, deserts all in one place. Courses and components chase each other, every bite is different and yet part of the same great dinner. Pardon, show! Because we hope you are hungry for some great theater: In All You Can Eat! youÔÇÖre in for a mind-tickling treat.
Christian Capozzoli, Patrick Williams and Ubeyde Cimen weave themes, games, stories and characters together with physicality, boldness and split second agreement to create a piece brimming with imagination, humor and heart. With the pace of New York and the confidence of Bremen, here in W├╝rzburg.


Theaterhalle am Dom
Kiliansplatz 1
97070 W├╝rzburg, Bayern, Deutschland

├ľPNV - Haltestelle Dom


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Mirko Fichtner & Fabian Ahrendts

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