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Fliegende Funken Festival

Stephen Davidson: Objects That Matter (3h. Online)

22.11.2020, 11:00 - 14:00 Uhr | Online, ausschlie├člich online


A workshop on object or space work in improv, focussing not just on the how but on the why. Objects and environment can add weight and interest to your scene, become a running gag, ground your characters and more. WeÔÇÖre often reluctant to give object work the space it deserves, though, favouring instead the impulse to say something clever or further a plot. WeÔÇÖll learn how to treat objects with care, hold silence with confidence, and fully commit to the reality weÔÇÖre creating. The more time you take, the more time you get.

Experience: At least one year of training and some performance experience required. If in doubt, contact us:

Language: English

Hinweis *CORONA SUPPORT PRICE: If possible for you, please consider choosing this option to help us with additional costs and lack of ticket sales due to the Corona crisis.
- We can not refund booked workshops but we can help you find a substitution in case you can't make it.
- The workshop will take place over Zoom. We'll send you the link via Email.
- In case we will have to cancel the workshop, you will receive a full refund.


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