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CC05 - Giorgio Faustini - Grandpa's Secret Bolognese (English)

Feb 27, 2021, 1:00pm - 3:00pm | Internet, ausschlie├člich online

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Grandpa's secret quickie recipes for gettin' a "wow": class 101 - da Bolognese sauce!

There are things in life that need time, no questions asked; in various Italian regions this is a mantra, a way of life. But very often we have no chance to dedicate such an amount of focused attention, thus we have to compromise to produce a decent result in a reasonable time, always keeping in mind that we shall leave a good impression in the lucky other's palate.

When I was 24, about to leave Italy to move to Vienna for work, my cooking skills were very limited: cooking some pasta, baking pizza, preparing a simple risotto. I felt the need to broaden my views, so I asked my grandfather, with all of his cooking wisdom, and my father, a former cook, some tips on cooking good, tasty, seducing yet quick recipes. Something that might fit a young man's lifestyle in a new city.
They delivered, oh yes they did. They shared condensed wisdom in condensed pills of condensed recipes needing condensed time. As it is known that, when a butterfly flaps its wings in the east, a hurricane develops in the west: this is your chance to change your winds!

In a very casual way, four years ago, I got to experience the art of theatre, shortly moving towards the improv way (of life, as well!). Improv has the energy, the strength and the power to change our lives, and the stage is just the spark everything starts.
Cooking is, directly and indirectly, a mindful activity, as it doesn't matter if it takes 10 minutes or 2 hours, still you shall be focused [we don't want chopped fingers to run around!!!].
Just imagine the power of putting together improv and cooking: is it gonna be a flying fingers Tarantino style scene, or the story of the time your life changed?

[Little note by the author: it works gorgeously for international standards, yet there is a long way for becoming a starred Michelin cook in Italy! :D]


ausschlie├člich online, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Deutschland

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