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Fliegende Funken Festival

Fliegende Funken presents: We Asked 100 Improvisers...

21/11/2020, 20:00 - 21:00 | Online, ausschließlich online

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If you have a birthday present for your scenepartner in a scene, what is it most likely going to be? A voucher? A toy truck? Is it always the same? What about other improvisers? What presents do you see over and over?

The show "We Asked 100 Improvisers..." is a quiz show inspired by Family Feud, the contestants try to guess what most improvisers answered when asked questions about their improv.

Watch the show here:

Our contestants are:
Lena Breuer
Stephen Davidson (Impromiscuous)
Gunter Loesel & Nike Erichsen (Theater Stupid Lovers)
Rhiannon Jenkins, Saskia Vinkhuyzen, Tanner Paul, George Rennie & Jeanette Clarke (They Don't Know the Half of It)
Capitaine Flav (Cie Le Théâtre de l'Oignon),
Maryam Azadi & Mareike König (NordVibes-Impro)
Tamara Lorenscheit & Muriel Hahn (Wonder Women)

If you want to be one of the 100 improvisers and answer the questions (takes just 2 minutes), please drop us a message via and we'll send you a link to the questionaire.

After the show, we have a party with a DJ and everything (you have to get your drinks yourself). Place your laptop in the living room, plug it into the big TV and the stereo system, get rid of the furniture, decorate, dress up, collect an arsenal of silly comstumes and let’s have the best lockdown party ever!

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21/11/2020, 20:00

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