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Improv theatre event calendar for Huberhof Airischwand

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In this overview, you will find improv theatre events in Huberhof Airischwand the next couple of weeks. Secure a ticket for a performance or a workshop with one of the improv groups in Huberhof Airischwand. Please select an event in order to book your ticket:

Im Moment gibt es hier keine Veranstaltungen.

At the improv theatre in Huberhof Airischwand , locations, roles, scenes and stories are discovered in the moment by the improvisers. There is no script or fixed plot, but audience suggestions often help inspire choices made by the actors. Improv may take the form of fully improvised plays, musicals, or short scenes. We at YesTicket hope you'll find the right event in Huberhof Airischwand We are the ticket system of the improv theatre community in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and also Huberhof Airischwand.

Mirko Fichtner & Fabian Ahrendts

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